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Back when I was an agent myself, Trello helped me keep things together and learn the real estate process at a deeper level. It allowed me to see and build my transaction management process in a clean and organized way.
Trello is best for those Agents who handle their own Real Estate Transactions, or for a team admin/TC that handles under 20 transactions at any given time. While I was able to manage 30-ish transactions using Trello, I don't recommend pushing it to that level. Considering all of the great and affordable solutions now out in the market, it's great for starters, but not so much for scalability and growth.
 Here's a video walk-through of how you can set up your Trello Board for Transaction Management:
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Trello is an amazing tool for those getting started! This is a quick and affordable way to get your transactions started and includes:‚Äč

2 Trello Boards Built with Lists, Cards, and Checklists

6 Buyer & Seller Email Templates: Intros, What's Next, and Closing Invitation

7 Listing Email Templates: Appt Confirmation, Pre, and Post Listing

Detailed Instructions on How to Use the Trello Boards and Make it Your Own